On the wild side

Welney Wetland Centre

The perfect start to a day of discovery, exploring the wetlands, where wildlife encounters take place on a daily basis.  Set in the heart of the East Anglian Fens.

Explore the reserve with backpacks, trails, pond dipping, listen to snipe drumming and avocets bubbling, watch plovers tumble and wheel in the sky. See the first signs of the changing of the seasons. Watch birds arriving, insects emerging and listen for the classic ‘plop’ of a water vole.


Boughton Wild Walk

A two hour wildlife walk around Boughton Fen (wellies essential!)
Boughton Fen provides habitat for a wide range of birds, butterflies and dragonflies, with breeding birds including kingfisher, water rail, nightingale and roosting marsh harriers. Winter visitors include bittern, great grey shrike and jack snipe. Free public access with signposted Wildlife Walk around the perimeter.

Visit the Seals at Blakeney

Daily trips out to see the seals at Blakeney Point.
Much loved by the kids in any weather and grimaced at by the adults when it’s cold and wet, it is a real Norfolk trip. Make sure you’re well equipped with adequate clothing, and book in advance because it is tide dependent. You will find a timetable on the bookshelves.

01263 740753


Crabbing at Wells and Hunstanton

Norfolk is the best place for crabbing
All the gear you need for catching crabs at Wells can be bought on the Quayside, it’s a surprisingly exhilarating sport for the whole family. We have spent many happy hour crabbing in the rock pools along the beach under the cliffs, at Hunstanton. Crabs are most prevalent in March through to the summer is, and we always find them under the small wreck at the base of the cliffs.

Happy hunting!


Join a Watatunga guided buggy tour to learn about conservation and incredible wildlife.  
The buggies are equipped with speakers to ensure you can learn about the birds and animals you see on your tour.  Each trip will be different – our animals’ behaviour changes according to the weather, time of day and season and there is no guarantee as to what you will see but your tourguide will bring the reserve to life with an informative and entertaining tour.

Watatunga is pioneering a new approach to protecting the planet’s last populations of endangered deer and antelope. Situated in 170 acres of unused Norfolk wetland, our reserve is dedicated to the conservation of threatened ungulates and birds.  At Watatunga, our deer and antelope species mix with rare pheasants, ducks and the majestic great bustard.